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Ashley Addiction Treatment is launching its first partial hospitalization program at its outpatient facility in Elkton, Maryland.
Fentanyl overdose deaths climbed 14% in 2018, per CDC data, and a report released this week by not-for-profits Drug Strategies and Shatterproof studies the states hit hardest and how they have responded.
It should be the goal of behavioral healthcare executives and practitioners to educate the public and elevate the quality of discourse on basic issues around violent deaths so as to avoid bad policy decisions on mental health and the prevention of violence, writes Ed Jones, PhD.
Intergenerational and transgenerational trauma are challenges that require practitioners to dig deeper in their assessments beyond just the presenting patient and his/her nuclear family, says Alex Ribbentrop, MSW, LCSW, CFTP, owner and psychotherapist at Live Free Psychotherapy.
In an opening keynote at NCAD East on Thursday, journalist Elizabeth Vargas explained how a lifelong battle with anxiety fueled her addiction to alcohol as an adult—and how she has found a new lease on life in recovery.

Jonathan Routhier, Chief Financial Officer at WestBridge, sat down with Behavioral Healthcare to discuss WestBridge’s approach in the era of value-based care, the outcomes data collected through…

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