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Schizophrenia & Psychotic Disorders
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a transdermal patch formulation of asenapine (Secuado) as the first patch for the treatment of adults with schizophrenia, Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced.
A report released today by Quest Diagnostics and the Center on Addiction shows some inconsistencies between physician perspectives and patient behaviors regarding prescription drug use.
After spending four years shoring up its existing business lines, Caron Treatment Centers is expanding its regional centers, entering a joint management partnership for a new property, adding a first responders program, and going in-network with a sixth insurer.
BLOG: September 17, 2019 was the second annual National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, a day to commemorate colleagues lost to suicide and raise awareness about the issue.
Major Depressive Disorder
Antidepressant use appears to be safe, according to a systematic umbrella review of 45 meta-analyses spanning more than 1000 observational studies. Researchers published findings from their review online in JAMA Psychiatry.
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia & Cognitive Disorders
SAN DIEGO—While medications can address some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can delay its onset and slow progression of the disease, a geriatric psychiatry expert told attendees at Psych Congress 2019.
SAN DIEGO—There is no single profile of a school shooter, and potential threats must be evaluated based on the behavior of the student instead, forensic psychiatrist Phillip J. Resnick, MD, said at a Psych Congress 2019 Featured Session on school…

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