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General Psychiatry
A recently published study found yoga improved symptoms in a group of people with which condition?
Recovery Unplugged treatment facilities will be the sites for a trial evaluating an auricular device that could ease the painful symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal.
We are an industry living in hardened silos, with governmental policy and funding controlled by distinct departments, staffed by practitioners with constricted skills. It's time to move past these historical divisions.
Major Depressive Disorder
W. Clay Jackson, MD, DipTh, explains the difference between major depressive disorder and major depressive disorder with mixed features.
BLOG: Like most survivors of suicide loss, Dr. Sangeeta Mahajan does not want her son to have died in vain. His life was cut short by the rapid onset of a crippling mood disorder.
New research suggests high school students who have had a sports-related concussion may be at increased risk of dying by suicide.
Severe depression during and after pregnancy may be triggered by a runaway inflammatory immune response in some women, according to a new study published online in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

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