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AbbVie Announces Launch of NP Psych Navigator

October 05, 2020

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 – As part of its commitment to nurse practitioners (NPs) who are treating patients with mental illness, AbbVie today announced the launch of NP Psych Navigator, a centralized resource that connects NPs with tools to help them identify mental illness and care for affected patients and their families.

Though 1 in 5 adults in the US are believed to have some form of mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, close to 60% are overlooked and do not receive treatment.1,2 A shortage of mental health care providers may be a factor in this—on average, there is only 1 mental health care provider for 536 individuals.2

As one of the fastest growing groups of health care workers, NPs are an important part of the solution to providing adequate mental health care. NPs have a need for mental health information and resources that are geared toward their perspective and accessible in a single location. NP Psych Navigator was created to help bridge that gap.

Because NP Psych Navigator was developed with guidance from accomplished NPs working in mental health care, content is curated based on the unique challenges that NPs face in clinical practice.

NP Psych Navigator aims to:
•    Empower and support NPs in talking to patients about mental illness and providing them with helpful resources
•    Underscore the role that NPs play as primary and mental health care providers in the US
•    Provide NPs with clinically relevant knowledge and tips from their colleagues and mentors
•    Highlight the personalized care given by NPs

By joining NP Psych Navigator, users can join a growing community of NPs working to further their profession and mental health care in America. They’ll also gain access to downloadable content, including patient education materials and commonly used psychiatric assessment scales. As NP Psych Navigator grows, users can also opt to receive regular updates on new posted content.

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