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BayMark Acquires MAT Provider in Washington, D.C.

March 18, 2021

BayMark Health Services this week announced that it has acquired Partners in Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Counseling (PIDARC), a Washington, D.C.-based medication-assisted treatment program.

PIDARC offers opioid use disorder treatment services with methadone supported by counseling and linkages to community resources. The facility’s staff will be retained by BayMark. The acquisition marks BayMark’s entry into the Washington, D.C., area, adding to a portfolio of 97 programs across the nation, including seven in Baltimore. BayMark’s continuum of care includes outpatient, office-based opioid treatment programs, residential programs, and hospital-based and outpatient detox services.

In a news release announcing the deal, BayMark CEO David K. White, PhD, noted that with early data showing 30% increases in positive tests for fentanyl and drug overdoses up 18% after COVID-19-related lockdowns were put into place, his organization has continued to look for potential partner providers “who have an established commitment to patient care and clinical excellence,” and that PIDARC has “absolutely established that” in the nation’s capital.

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