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BHG Announces Deal for Wellness Ambulatory Care in Tennessee

November 05, 2020

Behavioral Health Group announced this week that it has acquired Wellness Ambulatory Care in Knoxville, Tennessee. The facility, which employs 16 clinicians, counselors and staff, will be renamed BHG Medical Services – Knoxville.

Wellness Ambulatory Care provides medication-assisted treatment through an office-based model in which patients are provided prescription medications to take at home. The facility also offers behavioral health and counseling services, as well as intensive outpatient programming to stabilize more acute patients.

“We know that a combination of MAT services can be effectively offered in both physician offices and opioid treatment centers,” BHG CEO Jay Higham said in a news release. “Expanding into office-based opioid treatment programs opens a range of choices for patients seeking treatment and recovery solutions. The challenge for us in finding the right partner was identifying clinicians in the market who already understand this clinical model and are delivering it effectively today. Wellness Ambulatory Care was unique in this regard."

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