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Burell Center For Child And Adolescent Development

September 01, 2005
Burrell Behavioral Health’s 46 ,500-sq.-ft. Center for Child and Adolescent Development is an example of the interface of mission, form, and function. This new structure, which opened in November 2004, features extensive use of glass, basic geometric forms, bright colors, and visual symbolism; includes offices and meeting rooms for community partners, as well as a state-of-the-art multimedia theater; and is located adjacent to a medical complex wi thin a park setting.

The center offers many services, such as child psych iatric care, children’s day treatment, play therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, and adolescent substance abuse treatment. Plans are under way for a clinic for pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism. The center houses offices for community groups such as co urt-appointed special advocates (CASAs). The community planning room has a round table, glass walls, circular skylight, and two-way video-co nferencing capabilities. The multimedia theater includes a two-way training video link with six community partner sites.

Nearly all c linical spaces have expansive views of Burrell Park, with its waterfowl, walking paths, fountain, and beautiful landscaping. With large wind ows throughout the facility, the architect (Dennis Spencer of Spencer Architects) met his goal of a building that lets the light in.

Photography: Edward Biamonte
The extensiv e use of bright colors in the furnishings and artwork appeals to children, as do the basic geometric forms throughout the structure. Two lar ge conical skylights add an engaging three-dimensional feature from both exterior and interior perspectives. An exterior cylindrical structu re housing an employee entrance calls to mind a silo, providing an additional three-dimensional and simple geometric form. This feature is a lso a subtle reminder of the site’s history; Burrell Park was once 83 acres of farmland dotted with silos. BHM

For more information, contact Todd Schaible, President/CEO of Burrell Behavioral Health, at
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