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Centerstone Adds Services for Gambling at Illinois Locations

October 25, 2019

Prominent addiction and mental health treatment provider Centerstone has announced it is now offering services for patients with a gambling disorder at two of its Illinois facilities.

Centerstone, a nonprofit that operates in five states, has received a grant of more than $119,000 from the Illinois Department of Human Services' Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) unit to provide intervention and treatment services for gambling issues in a seven-county area. Facilities in Carbondale and Marion will offer the services, which will include expanded telehealth options.

“Prior to the grant announcement by SUPR, there were no [gambling treatment] providers in Centerstone's service area in Southern Illinois,” Centerstone clinical director Andrea Quigley said in a news release.

Quigley added that Centerstone's effort in the treatment of gambling disorders also will emphasize engagement of family members, encouraging them to participate in assessment and counseling sessions.

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