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InTandem acquires Turning Point Centers

May 09, 2018

InTandem Capital Partners, a private equity firm, has announced the acquisition of Turning Point Centers, with four locations in Utah.

“The opportunity with InTandem will help us build a more sophisticated infrastructure so our providers can concentrate on the delivery of care,” Chris Mackintosh, CEO of Turning Point, tells Behavioral Healthcare Executive.

The organization has seven in-network contracts with payers, which comprises the majority of the revenue in its payer mix. According to Todd Squilanti, managing director with InTandem Capital, future growth plans include expanding payer relationships, enhancing aftercare capabilities and building up infrastructure systems to support the enterprise.

“As we put more robust systems in place, that gives us more robust data, analytics and metrics that payers look for today,” Squilanti says. “We’ll have greater capabilities across more levels of care.”

Mackintosh says tracking patients after initial treatment experiences will support the emerging disease-management model that aims to improve outcomes and prevent relapse. In fact, he says capturing and utilizing data will be a key differentiator for the organization moving forward.

“Many providers are just delivering the acute portion of the treatment,” Mackintosh says. “But as we know, addiction is a long term brain disorder. If you don’t have the data to support where the patient has been and where they’re headed, it’s hard to get the disease-management perspective.”

Turning Point offers a non-12-Step modality to allow for a more clinically focused approach, he says. Patients meet with master’s-level therapists three times a week. Other programs include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, family integration and sober living.

In terms of expansion, Squilanti says the organization will look at Utah and other states for potential acquisitions and de novo locations in target markets.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Mertz Taggart, a healthcare services merger and acquisition firm specializing in behavioral health, served as the sell-side advisor in the transaction.

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