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Half of Executives See Patients’ Recovery Impacted by COVID-19

May 04, 2020

Nearly half of behavioral health executives polled said they see the recovery and wellness of their clients declining in the context of COVID-19, according to the first Weekly Director Poll published by the Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network and technology platform provider Gloo.

Just 3% of respondents said they see patients’ recovery and wellness improving, while 20% say there has been no change in this area.

Among other findings in the survey:

Managing stress. Balancing work and school responsibilities was cited as the most adversely impacted area of executives’ lives, with 40% rating it very or extremely challenging. Meanwhile,  50% of respondents said managing staff burnout and stress was their top organizational and staffing priority.

Admissions down. Admissions were the top financial priority, as two-thirds said they saw a decrease in admissions/intakes in the past week.

Telehealth on the rise. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of executives said their organizations have increased their use of technology and telehealth within the past 30 days. Peer-based and alumni programs, as well as coaching and group sessions are all being facilitated through telehealth.

Health and safety priorities. Implementing correct safety protocols and social distancing measures were the two most frequently cited health and safety priorities.

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Organizational leaders, those with oversight responsibility for a site or program location, and those who provide clinical leadership to a team of direct care providers are encouraged to participate in the Weekly Director Poll. Take this week’s poll at:

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