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Rosecrance earns Aetna Institute of Quality designation

June 12, 2018

As the illicit activities of unscrupulous operators threaten the reputation of the addiction treatment field as a whole, it becomes paramount for those who are conducting business above-board to find ways to stand out.

To that end, leaders at Rosecrance, which provides behavioral health services at 45 locations across Chicago, northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa, were pleased with the recent announcement that the organization had earned Aetna’s Institute of Quality designation for its behavioral health services.

“It is a report card, a reassurance for me that our teams are constantly working toward continuous quality improvement,” says Rosecrance president David Gomel, PhD, CADC. “We want to provide the top level of care for our clients and their families in the most efficient way possible, and [we’re] always looking to improve. Aetna is looking for providers who match that. It’s a nice reassurance of what I hope our culture is throughout all of our Rosecrance entities.”

Aetna developed its directory of Institutes to assist its members in identifying providers of certain specialty clinical services in its network that meet a series of requirements, such as excellence in care, commitment to continuous improvement and cost efficiency. According to a document on the Aetna website, additional benchmarks include:

  • Offering daily access to care
  • Involving family and significant others in treatment
  • Measuring treatment progress and outcomes
  • Maintaining accreditation from a recognized body in the field

In addition to behavioral health, the insurer identifies Institutes of Quality for bariatric, cardiac and orthopedic procedures.

Rosecrance, a private, not-for-profit provider, was one of several substance abuse programs evaluated for participation in the Aetna Institutes of Quality, and the operator met or exceeded the designation requirements, an Aetna spokesperson said in an email to Behavioral Healthcare Executive.

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