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CCAPP Announces Ethical Marketing Credential

January 18, 2019
A new credential being launched by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) will give providers a new way to signal they are operating in an ethical and informed way. CCAPP is working with the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP) in the development of a nationally recognized Certified Admissions and Marketing Specialist (CAMS) credential. CCAPP previously has overseen credentialing in other areas of the field, with certifications that cover criminal justice professionals, drug and alcohol counselors, and peer support specialists, among others. “The Certified Admissions and Marketing Specialist [credential] helps protect the people, and supports individuals who recognize and practice ethical marketing practices,” Pete Nielsen, CEO of CCAPP, said in a news release. “This certificate trains individuals to develop competency in the area of AOD client relations, ensuring ethical practices are developed and implemented in AOD treatment programs.” To obtain the credential, providers must complete BHAP’s six-course Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing (C-ATM) series, which was launched in early 2018, either in a workshop or online. BHAP will begin offering live versions of the C-ATM courses at CCAPP’s Long Beach, Calif., facilities beginning Feb. 20. The courses will also be offered at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, Aug. 15-18 in Baltimore. In addition to completing the C-ATM courses, applicants for the CAMS credential must have at least 2,080 hours of management experience at a substance use disorder treatment facility, verified with a letter signed by a supervisor, review and sign documents including a CAMS Code of Conduct, and have a supervisor or equivalent complete and confidentially submit a Recommendation and Evaluation Packet.
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