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MindMed Adds Psychedelics Expert as Clinical Advisor for Project

August 11, 2020

Mind Medicine, a psychedelic pharmaceutical company that conducts business as MindMed, announced that it has added Peter Gasser, MD, as an advisor to its LSD experiential therapy program, Project Lucy.

A pioneer of legal, medical use of psychedelics in Switzerland, Gasser has served as president of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy since 1997. He has multiple individual treatment permissions to treat patients with MDMA and LSD.

MindMed previously acquired the exclusive license of a Phase 2 trial of LSD-assisted therapy for anxiety disorders that was being conducted by Gasser and Dr. Matthias Liechti of University Hospital Basel. With Project Lucy, MindMed intends to start a Phase 2b human efficacy trial that will focus on the use of experiential doses of LSD, administered by a therapist, to treat anxiety disorders.

“Dr. Gasser is one of the leading global experts on psychedelic assisted therapy, and it’s an honor for us to work together as we build Project Lucy into a world-class commercial drug development program,” MindMed co-founder and Co-CEO JR Rahn said in a news release. “Dr Gasser’s vast experience and history treating patients as a therapist through compassionate access in Switzerland also interests the company and will have tremendous benefits to our patients.”

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