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New York Advocacy Groups Announce Partnership

January 23, 2020

A pair of industry groups in New York are teaming up to boost their respective addiction treatment and behavioral health advocacy efforts.

The New York Association of Addiction Services and Professionals (ASAP) and the Coalition for Behavioral Health jointly announced a partnership in which they will push for financial resources, behavioral health services, and state policies to address addiction, suicide and hardships experienced by organizations within the field. A formal announcement of the agreement was made at the Coalition’s annual conference on Thursday in New York City.

Encompassing more than 250 service providers, programs and organizations, the partnership becomes one of the largest industry advocacy groups in the nation.

Amy Dorin, president and CEO of the Coalition, called the partnership “a key step toward the full integration of substance use and mental health providers and services … [that] will ensure providers and the clients they serve have unparalleled advocacy and training at a time of unprecedented change and challenges in the behavioral health field.”

The two organizations will collaborate on public policy, conferences and training, technical assistance and workforce projects, as well as other initiatives.

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