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Origins Behavioral HealthCare Expanding Services in Florida, Texas

February 24, 2020

Origins Behavioral HealthCare announced it is adding new substance use disorder treatment options in its headquarters city of Dallas, as well as West Palm Beach, Florida.

Intensive outpatient and step-down programs are being expanded in both locations, continuing an expansion project that began in late 2019 when Origins announced a partnership with Windhaven House and Windhaven Counseling Center, a Dallas-based provider of transitional living, extended care and intensive outpatient treatment for women. The West Palm Beach program began treating patients in January, while the Dallas program is set to launch in March.

Origins’ programming changes reflect evolving patient needs, CEO Jim Caldwell said in a news release.

“Challenges with insurance reimbursements for residential treatment, along with the demands of work, family or other financial considerations, mean that for some, the traditional model of 28-day residential treatment may not be accessible,” Caldwell said. “Instead, an outpatient treatment program along with a safe, structured sober living environment may be an effective alternative for many. A shorter residential stay coupled with step-down partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment and extended sober living arrangements can produce the same positive outcomes.” 

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