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Psych Behavioral Health Learning Network, Gloo Launch Center of Excellence

January 27, 2020

The Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network (PBHLN) and Gloo, a technology platform provider for organizations that champion personal growth, are partnering to create a virtual center of excellence aimed at improving patient outcomes among the nation’s mental health treatment and addiction recovery providers.

HMP, a leading global healthcare events and education company, launched the PBHLN in 2019 as a comprehensive digital platform that brings into one place the most up-to-date information and education on psychiatry, mental health and addiction. The network features breaking news, expert interviews, opportunities for networking and idea exchange with others in the fields.

The new Center for the Advancement of Recovery Excellence (CARE) will reside on the PBHLN site and be powered by Gloo’s unique Personal Growth Platform, providing the entire behavioral health and addiction recovery sector with scientific research, information and resources vital to high-performing organizations.

Providers who visit the site also will have access to Gloo’s advanced assessment, data visualization and benchmarking applications to more successfully develop, provide and measure their services and resulting outcomes. CARE also incorporates a critical feedback loop to enable practice-based and outcomes data collection valuable to researchers and sought by providers.

“Gloo’s personal growth technology infrastructure provides a much-needed new emphasis on innovation in the behavioral health and recovery field,” said PBHLN Director Doug Edwards. “The result is that our partnership will both accelerate and enhance the science-to-service timeline, which historically is the single biggest factor in establishing widespread adoption of the most effective evidence-based treatment practices.”

Central to Gloo’s role in driving CARE is the company’s emphasis on “Data With Integrity & Trust,” a standard that ensures a world-class level of personal information privacy and security across its infrastructure, processes and board-level governance.

As part of CARE’s launch, the combined team is preparing to conduct a “State of the Behavioral Health and Recovery Industry” survey, which will drive development of new resources by identifying core strengths of the nation’s most high-performing recovery organizations and providers.

CARE will also be supported by an advisory board made up of noted behavioral sciences and addiction researchers and experts from leading universities, companies and organizations. A formal announcement will be made within the next few weeks. 

“We’ve received incredible support from many of the nation’s most prominent mental health and addiction experts for this initiative because they recognize the enormous gap that still exists between scientific data and the effective implementation of proven mental health treatment methodologies,” said Gloo founder and CEO Scott Beck.

“There is nothing more important to us than helping providers finally be able to use the full modern power of data to innovate and help their communities,” Beck said. “With our esteemed partner company, we’re taking the rule that ‘knowledge used is knowledge gained’ to a whole new level of positive impact.”

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