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Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 01, 2007

Photography by Gary Zee, Opulence Studios

The Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas is a 190-bed facility for adults with serious mental illness that opened late last summer. The single-story hospital, modeled after a smaller facility in Sparks, Nevada, aims to offer patients, staff, and visitors an open atmosphere with a noninstitutional feel. The facility was designed by HMC Architects of Nevada in Reno.

Reflecting the natural environment, soft desert colors blend to create a warm, welcoming, and nonthreatening environment for psychiatric care, and abundant windows allow for plenty of natural daylight. When subdued conditions are preferred, patients can close blinds that are positioned between panes of glass.

In the 30-bed emergency observation unit, a two-story ceiling conveys a sense of openness to patients in crisis. A wraparound nursing station allows clear views into patient activity areas.

The four residential units have patient comfort rooms with reclining chairs where patients can listen to music and relax.

Each unit has access to the secure outdoor courtyard accented with desert landscaping. Patients also can enjoy outdoor dining on a covered patio equipped with a cooling misting system. In addition to the large courtyard, each patient unit has a small secure courtyard that allows access to the outside even when confined to the unit.

Semiprivate and private patient rooms feature a large exterior window with a vent that can be opened to allow in fresh air. The rooms have two colors to create visual interest, and patients can be locked out—but not in—their rooms.

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