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RCA Announces Plans to Hire for 700 Jobs

February 03, 2021

With overdose deaths across the U.S. climbing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Recovery Centers of America on Wednesday announced plans to bolster its workforce by hiring for nearly 700 jobs across its network of treatment facilities.

Based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, RCA operates 10 inpatient treatment centers, 8 outpatient programs and 5 opioid treatment programs in six states.

The company plans to hire for the following positions: registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed therapists, licensed practical nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners, counselors and recovery support specialists. RCA’s hiring plans also include 66 jobs in its headquarters for roles in executive-level positions, finance, recruitment, compliance, operations and contact center specialists, as well as 25 jobs at MAT facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

An RCA spokesperson tells BHE that the company hopes to make the hires “as quickly as possible, ideally in the next 30-60 days.” Most of the positions are new roles, created by RCA’s expansion into new markets and in existing facilities where more patients are seeking treatment.

“Our country is in dire need of treatment for an accelerating number of people with substance use disorders and mental health issues, many of whom are dying from this disease,” RCA CEO Brian O’Neill said in a statement emailed to BHE. “Substance use disorder has a dire impact on not just those with the disease but on their families and their communities as well. The pandemic has only worsened the problem—as the CDC numbers show that more of our loved ones died from overdoses last year than in prior years. RCA views this as our responsibility to rise to the challenge of treating more patients with our model of affordable, local, evidence-based care.”

O’Neill noted Chicago and Indianapolis among the markets that the company views as being most in need. RCA at St. Charles, located in the Chicago suburbs, has posted 94 staff openings. The company’s Indianapolis location, which is its newest facility, is hiring for 81 positions.

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