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RCA Launches Specialized Program for LGBTQIA+ Patients

March 11, 2021

Recovery Centers of America recently launched a specialized substance use disorder treatment program at its Capital Region facility for LGBTQIA+ patients in the Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia region. RCA said in a news release that 10% of patients at Capital Region are enrolled in the specialty program, which is called Acceptance.

The LGBTQIA+ program, which is also offered at RCA’s Danvers, Massachusetts, joins other specialty offerings from RCA, including Promoting Recovery through Intensive Support and Education (PRISE) for patients who have relapsed and Breaking Free, which is tailored to individuals who have experienced trauma.

RCA noted that substance misuse rates among adult sexual minorities is higher than those of heterosexual adults, according to National Survey on Drug Use and Health data, with rates of past-year opioid use (which includes misuse of prescription medications and heroin use) and alcohol misuse specifically being higher.

All RCA staff have been trained on sensitivity to the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ patients. Marcus Smith, LCPC, LPC, CCTP, ACHE, the Capital Region facility’s clinical director, said in a statement that the organization has observed sexual minority patients experience improved outcomes when they receive specialized treatment in designated areas within RCA facilities.

“There are not a lot of programs at the inpatient level for this population,” Smith said. “By providing a safe space at RCA, including separate therapy groups and designated therapists certified to address the special needs of this community, LGBTQIA+ patients have the best possible path to recovery.”

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