Shining a Light on Mental Health in the Workplace

October 10, 2017

The 25th anniversary of World Mental Health Day is being celebrated today, with a focus on mental health in the workplace.

Organizers of World Mental Health Day 2017 say mental health issues, which are faced by 1 in 5 workers, are known to increase employee absenteeism, lower productivity, and lead to increased costs. In a 51-page report, they aim to increase awareness of and conversation about mental health in the workplace, and provide tools for people and companies to help increase mental well-being in the workforce.

Employers are being asked to sign a pledge to support the mental health of their workforce by committing to proactive promotion of:

  • Appreciation of employees and workers

  • Creation of a supportive environment

  • Identification of early signs of burnout

  • An organizational culture which reflects value systems and beliefs

  • Stress management

  • Building awareness and reducing stigma

  • Mental health wellness and providing support for employees who need it.

The World Federation for Mental Health, an international advocacy group, launched the awareness day in 1992 and it is commemorated on October 10 every year. Join the conversation about the day on Facebook and Twitter using #WorldMentalHealthDay, or by leaving a comment below.

Get the full report below:


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