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UC Health Seeks Pregnant Participants for Treatment Study

December 07, 2020

UC Health in Cincinnati is seeking participants for a study of opioid addiction treatment that aims to weaken withdrawal symptoms for pregnant women, the University of Cincinnati recently announced.

“Medicine is not typically tested on pregnant women, because we like to be extra careful,” Christine Wilder, an addiction psychiatrist and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine associate professor told WCPO-TV. “So, if we have a treatment that we know might be more effective, but it's not actually been tested in pregnant women, people tend not to want to use it.”

Slated to run for 20 months, the study will examine the effects of injecting buprenorphine on a weekly basis vs. the current standard of care, with 25 participating patients from the Ohio-Kentucky-West Virginia region and another 300 from around the U.S.

Participants of the study must be expectant mothers between the ages of 18 and 41 who are struggling with illicit opioid use. Additional information on how to participate is available on the UC website.

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