August 16, 2017

BLOG: For those of us who spend our lives helping our patients make meaningful change, the eclipse is a potent symbol of transformation.

August 09, 2017

BLOG: When my roommate killed himself in 1962, there was silence. I made the announcement to my class (I can still feel my wobbly knees and hear my quivering voice), and then we never spoke about Bill again.

July 11, 2017

BLOG: This passing remark about fearing that others would find out that I was unprepared and unqualified generated more questions and sidebar conversations than anything else I discussed at Elevate.

June 09, 2017

BLOG: It’s long been known that treating symptomatic physicians is a complicated business and far too often ailing doctors do not get the standard of care other patients receive. And when the physician is suicidal, the consequences can be dire.

April 20, 2017

BLOG: Those of us who work in health care are undoubtedly well aware of the problems that can ensue when patients don’t follow up on recommended treatment.