February 24, 2017

BLOG: Untreated ADHD often co-occurs with other disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorders, and substance abuse. However, in the DSM-5, ADHD is listed with the neurodevelopmental disorders so this association can be lost.

February 21, 2017

BLOG: San Francisco is the perfect place to think about the future of psychiatry, and to nurture the generation of new clinicians who will be leading it.

February 07, 2017

BLOG: Our job is never done when we lose a patient to suicide. There are lots of hurting people in its wake and there is much we can, and must, do to ease the journey.

January 05, 2017

BLOG: The overlap of self-centeredness and lack of empathy can prevent easy differentiation between narcissistic personality disorder and autism spectrum disorder, especially at the milder end of the spectrum.

December 15, 2016

BLOG: When our patients stumble and berate themselves for their failures, could we give them the space not to be perfect, but rather, to endure their stumbles as opportunities for grace and humility?