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Behavioral Healthcare Executive reflects the market

November 28, 2016

Here at the Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare, we’ve recrafted our brands to reflect our rapidly growing reach in the market as well as our expanding list of conferences, webinars and information features. By now, you’ve probably noticed one of our publication brand names has change to Behavioral Healthcare Executive (BHE) to underscore its long-standing focus on the C-suite owners and operators of behavioral health organizations.

You’ll also notice our new logo, which we affectionately call the “diamond wheel.” The diamond shapes with their various colors represent the perspectives of the many leaders in the industry and the individual angles that they’ve honed through experience. When gathered together, the shapes interlock to form the comprehensive portrait of the industry. Additionally, the diamonds of the logo are all moving toward our brand as a hub for gathering and interacting.

The significance of brands

Brands are important because they function as a verifier of a source. For example, in the Old West, ranchers literally branded their cattle with a mark to note ownership, which thus conveyed the quality of the care and feeding of the animal. In time, the concept of brands in both name and image made its way into consumer markets as a product differentiator.

The purpose is still true today even as established brands have also grown to encompass the intangible sum of ongoing customer experience. Think of the brand as the visible name and logo as well as the not-so-visible impression that remains in the customer’s mind.

Our BHE brand will continue to signify a resource for news, features, information, best practices and thought leadership for executives in mental health and addiction treatment who are innovating their businesses every day. For-profit and not-for-profit leaders look to BHE for new ideas and practical tips they can apply in their big-picture strategy plans.

In addition, BHE offers online webinars, regional panel discussions and national events such as the Treatment Center Investment & Valuation Retreat in Scottsdale in December. Networking and exchanging of information is invaluable in today’s healthcare landscape, and BHE is your trusted source for high-quality events that help you make connections.

As our brand grows, we invite you to be a part of its voice. The folks on the ground are our best generators of ideas and solutions, so we encourage you to contact us with your thoughts on how we can better serve you today and tomorrow.

Join Us

The Treatment Center Investment & Valuation Retreat will bring together owners and senior executives from the addiction treatment and recovery community to meet with key members of the investment and financial community for an exclusive three-day educational, business, and networking event, Dec. 5-7, 2016 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Register now!

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