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Clinical Challenges

A clinician at Mountainside suggests that conversations about patient goals should focus on the small actions that pave the way to greater progress.
"Is Your Story Making You Sick?" seeks to counteract damaging narratives that keep patients with addictions and other serious issues stuck in negative patterns of thinking.
A focus on one drug of abuse in research or policy-making makes little sense given the widespread phenomenon of polydrug use, says Daniel Ciccarone, MD, MPH.
Community Medical Services regional operations manager Haley Horton explained to NCAD West attendees how the organization has engaged patients in remote areas through the development of medication units as a complement to its traditional opioid treatment programs.
State officials in Iowa are seeking interagency strategies to combat a methamphetamine problem that they say is eclipsing prior meth crises in the state.
In this short video, WestBridge employees define the meaning of Co-occurring Disorders as when an individual is experiencing both symptoms of mental health and substance use disorders together—also…
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