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Evidence-Based Practices

Mindfulness-based strategies can help both patients with stimulant use disorders and the clinicians who work with them, Ryan Soave said at the Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit.
Addiction treatment facilities can play a more active role in legitimizing holistic therapies that can boost patients' prospects for recovery.
Two professors have co-edited a journal issue that seeks to sharpen the role that psychologists can play in addressing the opioid crisis.
Experts suggest that now more than ever, addiction treatment programs need to emphasize use of the most research-based treatments for patients trying to quit smoking.
Only three programs identified in a review of post-opioid overdose interventions have been subject to rigorous review, leaving many questions unanswered about how best to organize these efforts.
Walter Miley and Mary Woods of WestBridge speak about what differentiates WestBridge's care plans as they tackle the challenge of integrated treatment. By focusing and honing care plans to meet the…
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