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Special Populations

With more than 40 states reporting an increase in overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Medical Association, in partnership with the firm Manatt Health, has published an update to its National Roadmap on State-Level Efforts to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic.
Nicotine and marijuana vaping among teens did not increase from 2019 into early 2020, but use among this population remains high, according to data from the Monitoring the Future survey released this week.
In study findings presented at the 2020 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, women who received a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after a diagnosis of breast cancer were found to be at a greater risk of chronic controlled substance use, per media reports.
UC Health in Cincinnati announced that it is seeking patients for a study of opioid addiction treatment using an extended-release formulation buprenorphine in pregnant women.
Opioid overdose deaths involving multiple substances among youth were found to be more common than overdose deaths involving only opioids, per the results of a study recently published by the Grayken Center at Boston Medical Center.
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