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Medication Treatments

The bill, first proposed in 2019, would eliminate the requirement that practitioners obtain a separate “X-waiver” through DEA to prescribe buprenorphine for treating substance use disorders.
MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of alcohol use disorder was found to improve psychosocial functioning with no unexpected adverse events in a clinical trial conducted by London-based Awakn Life Sciences.
A study that was presented this month at the Association of Academic Psychiatrists Annual Meeting suggests that patients being treated for pain with chronic opioid therapy are more likely to live in socially disadvantaged areas and self-report feelings of anxiety, depression and pain more frequently.
A study by Cordant Health Solutions and Northwest Integrated Health found that OUD patients who had been prescribed buprenorphine demonstrated higher retention rates and improved health outcomes when receiving medication at office visits instead of retail pharmacies.
A Pennsylvania state senator has announced plans to resuscitate a bill that would create new regulations around the provision of buprenorphine in the state.
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