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Psychedelics Business

Novamind, a mental health company that specializes in psychedelic medicine, has announced plans to open 4 new Cedar Psychiatry clinics in Utah, which will double its network to 8 locations in the state overall.
Psychedelic medicine biotech firm MindMed began trading shares on the Nasdaq Capital Market on Tuesday.
Aside from its clinical value, psychedelic-assisted therapy offers important lesson on the adoption of healthcare practices, and its worth understanding how psychedelics have gained support in medical circles.
Massachusetts General Hospital recently announced the opening of a new program to study the use of psychedelics to treat mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety and PTSD.
Aion Therapeutic has announced the opening of the Aion International Center for Psychedelic Psychiatry, a Jamaica-based facility that will specialize in the use of psilocybin in treating addiction, depression, major depressive disorder, and other mental health conditions.
With the approval of psychedelic medicines imminent, the Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network (PBHLN) has announced that its inaugural Sana Symposium will take place Sept. 17-19, 2021.
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