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As the next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic arrives, it’s crucial for providers to enact staff rounding programs to understand the evolving concerns of their employees.
While providers wait for vaccines to slow the COVID-19 pandemic and better treatments to reduce the death toll among those infected, there are steps that can be taken to help address the “other” surge—in the opioid crisis.
An increase in demand for treatment services and stockpiles of dollars for private equity investors who are itching to spend could spark a hotbed of M&A activity in the behavioral health sector, particularly for substance use disorder treatment providers, Braff Group president Dexter Braff told TCIV attendees.
Given their increased susceptibility to the coronavirus and higher potential for experiencing more devastating, behavioral health patients should be prioritized for vaccination.
The Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network and Gloo have teamed up through their Collaborative Advancement of Recovery Excellence initiative to produce an end-of-year report on changes within the field and actionable insights for executives.
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