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Collaborative Advancement of Recovery Excellence

Translating science to service, powered by Gloo
Gloo and the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network have announced a partnership to create a virtual center of excellence aimed at improving patient outcomes among mental health treatment and addiction recovery providers.
Even among treatment centers that espouse an abstinence approach, there is evidence of treatment's benefits in reducing harm from substance use, comprehensive outcome data from Vista Research Group suggest.
Medical Services
A cohort study has reported that a group receiving the longest duration of buprenorphine treatment had fewer hospitalizations and filled opioid prescriptions post-treatment.
Addiction Professional
Reports from poison control centers illustrate the medical risks associated with prescription amphetamine misuse, with administration by injection generally associated with the worst outcomes.
Medication Treatments
Stigma doesn't immediately disappear when innovative efforts to engage individuals with opioid use disorders are launched, say presenters at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit.
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