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Medication Treatments

Cordant Health Solutions has added a pharmacy in Mesa, Arizona, that will collaborate with clinicians in OBOT settings to deliver medicines to patients during their office visits.
Half of clinicians who are waivered to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder have actually done so, and a majority are prescribing the medication for a number of patients that is well below the limit for which they are waivered, according to a new study.
A study using trained actors attempting to get addiction treatment in 10 states found that pregnant women were about 20% less likely to be accepted for treatment vs. women who are not pregnant, with the largest discrepancy involving buprenorphine prescribers.
In a recently published communication, FDA recommended that providers discuss the availability of naloxone with patients and consider prescribing it to those deemed at increased risk of overdose.
A recently published study of 2017 data found that 60% of residential treatment centers in the U.S. offered zero medications for opioid use disorder and just 15% of patients had an MOUD as part of their treatment plan.
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