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Fueled by personal experiences, Peggy Terhune, PhD, leads North Carolina-based Monarch with a vision of continuous improvement and innovation, and a trauma-informed approach to treatment for patients and their families.
A leading voice on relapse prevention within the addiction treatment field, Gorski founded CENAPS (Center for Applied Sciences), a private firm that provides training in behavioral health and addiction recovery.
Universal Health Services will pay nine figures to settle a series of whistleblower lawsuits in which the company was accused of admitting patients who didn’t need to be hospitalized, keeping patients longer than necessary, and using drugs to sedate and restrain patients, according to a media report.
CEOs routinely make final decisions and hope they are advancing the best interests of the organization. How much should they rely on the team, especially those devoted to quality improvement (QI) strategies? How much should they rely on their judgment?
Deni Carise, PhD, chief science officer at Recovery Centers of America, joins the BHE Podcast to discuss the shift toward value-based and recovery-oriented care, and the importance of developing standard measures of both outcomes and performance…
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