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Postpartum Depression (PPD): Insights From Basic and Clinical Sciences to Support Clinical Dialogue

May 16, 2019

Sponsored by Sage Therapeutics and presented at Elevate by Psych Congress on March 9, 2019.


See a transcript of the presentation here.


Please note the original copy on slide 21 under “Epigenetic mechanisms” that was featured in the slide deck presented at the Elevate/Sage live symposia presentation on March 9, 2019 has been changed from “An interaction between epigenetic modification and signaling by reproductive hormones and neurosteroids has been observed in PPD” to “Estradiol-mediated epigenetic mechanisms may be associated with postpartum depression risk”. The statement reference has also been updated to “Guintivano J et al. Mol Psych. 2014;19:560-567”.

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