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Anasazi and Valley Hope demonstrate treatment interoperability

April 15, 2012

Anasazi Software, Inc., a provider comprehensive behavioral healthcare software solutions and Valley Hope Association headquartered in Norton, Kansas provided a groundbreaking presentation at the California Institute of Mental Health Conference in Hollywood, Calif., last week on exchanging ultra-sensitive health information between foreign EHR applications.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is spreading across the nation through RHIOs, medical homes and ACOs, but has not yet successfully tackled the issue of how to exchange information while adhering to federal and state laws applying to substance use, HIV, genome and other ultra-sensitive treatment.

While many arenas have complied with HIPAA privacy, they have shied away from the more restrictive requirements of ultra-sensitive interoperability. Valley Hope Association was an ideal partner in this venture, since they are a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, serving seven different states.

Anasazi Software and Valley Hope Association, through the Software and Technology Vendors’ Association (SATVA), took on this challenge by developing a standard methodology using the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) as a vehicle to exchange this ultra-sensitive consumer information, while still complying with legal statutes.

One of the biggest factors in meeting compliance was finding a solution to the management of common consent and authorizations of disclosure. Anasazi and Valley Hope created standard formats that can be communicated to RHIOs, PHRs and other vendors’ EHRS by making these formats public rather than proprietary.

Presenter, Michael Morris, CEO and founder of Anasazi Software was quoted as saying “I have been working in this field for over 30 years and interoperability has been greatly needed for almost as long. I was thrilled to work together through SATVA to create a standard mechanism for exchange that can be used by all software EHR vendors.”

John Leipold, Executive Vice President/COO of Valley Hope Association added “Interoperability with regulatory compliance for the disclosure of ultra-sensitive health information makes it possible for behavioral health and substance use treatment to participate in the benefits of electronic health information exchange.”

Anasazi Software and Valley Hope Association will join other industry leaders to present on Health Information Exchanges next week, April 17th at the National Council Conference in Chicago.

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