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Kadiant Announces Partnership with Central Valley Autism Project

May 15, 2019

Kadiant, a provider of applied behavior analysis therapy and related services to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with the Central Valley Autism Project, which provides ABA services in both center- and home-based settings. It is the third such partnership for Kadiant, following deals Kids Overcoming and a pending agreement with Integrated Behavioral Solutions.

CVAP founder Mila Amerine Dickens will serve as an advisor to Kadiant. Since the company’s launch in 1990 in Modesto, California, CVAP has partnered with local schools, regional centers, academic institutions and other advocates to expand access to treatment in underserved communities.

“CVAP, and Mila specifically, are pioneers in the development of autism services,” Kadiant CEO Lani Fritts said in a news release. “Over the years, the CVAP team has contributed to the evidence base of ABA intervention effectiveness, and it has successfully partnered with all stakeholders across Central Valley’s communities to build capacity where none existed. Kadiant is honored to carry forward this incredible legacy.”

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