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Shatterproof Launching Rating System for Treatment Programs

January 15, 2019
Beacon Health Options recently announced it has provided a three-year grant to Shatterproof, a not-for-profit advocacy group, to develop a national rating system of substance use disorder treatment programs. The program will be designed to be used at no cost by the general public, as well as public and private payers, states, and referral sources to evaluate treatment programs based on a set of objective criteria. Shatterproof’s rating system will attempt to bring a standardized system for evaluating quality of treatment at all levels of care, using data from insurance claims, provider surveys and consumer experience. Treatment providers will be searchable by location, insurance provider, quality and other data points. “The Shatterproof Rating System will allow [people with substance use disorders and their families] to compare available options and make informed decisions based on objective criteria,” Beacon president and CEO Russell Petrella, PhD, said in a news release. “With the new rating system, the consumer has a better chance of selecting evidence-based treatment programs that have demonstrated improved outcomes – and the SUD treatment system is driven to become better.” Shatterproof is slated to begin piloting the rating program in five states this month. Additional funding for the project was provided by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and a coalition of five other national health insurers.
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