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A study released this week by researchers at Johns Hopkins found that individuals with serious mental health conditions are less likely to receive addiction treatment.
Numinus Wellness and global contract research organization Syreon Corp. announced this week that “significant progress” has been made on their compassionate access trial on the use of psilocybin-assisted motivational enhancement therapy to treat substance use disorders.
Allison Smith, PhD, senior program administrator for the Louisiana Board of Regents, discusses groups within college populations facing a heightened risk of opioid overdose, crafting policy around naloxone administration, and working with university leaders to make colleges safer.
A study conducted by two professors at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, found that physician bias and stigma toward people who misuse opioids was greater among rural practitioners vs. those in urban settings.
Research on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation at the Medical University of South Carolina suggests the motor cortex may be an effective target for decreasing pain and opioid dependence among chronic pain patients.

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