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The addition of recovery coaching and the use of a digital breathalyzer test were found to reduce participant attrition rates in an outpatient SUD treatment program.
Universal Health Services and Eleos Health, a behavioral health tech firm, have announced the launch of a six-week pilot program for clinical decision-support software to analyze patient experiences and treatment outcomes in Nashville.
The FDA will conduct a virtual public meeting on patient-focused drug development for stimulant use disorder on Oct. 6, and is seeking input from individuals and families impacted by stimulant use.
Six months into the pandemic, the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s task force on caring for patients amid COVID-19 has revised more than 15 guideline documents covering a wide range of operational topics for providers.
College students with physical and cognitive disabilities have high rates of illicit drug use and are more likely to have a substance use disorder, according to a recent study at Rutgers University.

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