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Behavioral Healthcare Executive
With fentanyl driving up overdose-related death rates among patients who relapse, formerly abstinence-based treatment programs are beginning to embrace medication-assisted treatment, says Andrew Stone, MD, MPH.
Not even behavioral healthcare is immune from being transformed by automation. Now, it's on leaders in the field to judiciously weave such innovations into practitioners' work in ways that amplify clinical quality.
Behavioral Healthcare Executive
After spending four years shoring up its existing business lines, Caron Treatment Centers is expanding its regional centers, entering a joint management partnership for a new property, adding a first responders program, and going in-network with a sixth insurer.
Behavioral Healthcare Executive
After substance use took nearly everything, including a promising basketball career, Chris Herren has rebounded, maintaining his sobriety for more than 11 years and helping others in recovery.
FBI agents last week raided the facilities of four addiction treatment center operators in Southern California as part of a criminal investigation, according to a media report.
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