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Comparing Mentally Ill Female Prisoners in Michigan Sentenced as GBMI versus Guilty: Time in Acute and Residential Settings, Diagnoses, Violence and Criminal History Factors

Richard Jackson, MD
Yedish Naidoo, MD,
Wilson de Medina, MS, LLP

The GBMI verdict was initially adopted in the state of Michigan in 1975, the statute now applies to 13 other states. (4 ) Although not the case in Michigan, prisoners in some jurisdictions given a GBMI verdict may experience restricted freedoms compared with guilty counterparts. (1, 3, 5, 6) No studies examined the period of time that GBMI vs. non GBMI mentally ill offenders spend on acute or long term psychiatric units, which is the primary aim of this study. This may be important to examine, as currently over a quarter of the States have adopted the GBMI verdict. (4) In addition, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there was a 2% increase in female offenders in the year prior to 2013, and in 2012 female inmates in the US accounted for 37% of violent crimes. (7)

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