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Hospitalization Rates in Patients Switched from Oral Antipsychotics to Aripiprazole Once-Monthly: A Mirror Study

Timothy Peters-Strickland, MD
John M. Kane, MD
Cathy Zhao, PhD, MS, BS
Brian R. Johnson, MS
Ross A. Baker, PhD, MBA
Anna Eramo, MD
Robert D. McQuade, PhD
Anna Duca, RN, BSN
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. and H. Lundbeck A/S

Objective: To compare hospitalization rates in patients with schizophrenia treated prospectively with aripiprazole once-monthly 400mg (AOM 400) with the same patients previously treated with oral antipsychotics.

Methods: Multicenter, open-label, mirror-image, naturalistic study in patients with schizophrenia. The prospective treatment arm comprised a conversion phase (Phase A; 4 weeks): cross-titration to oral aripiprazole (ARI) monotherapy; and a 24-week, open-label treatment phase (Phase B): treatment with AOM 400. Retrospective data on hospitalization rates were obtained. The primary endpoint was to compare psychiatric hospitalization rates between the retrospective oral antipsychotic treatment period (Months ‒4 to ‒1 before oral conversion) and the prospective period after the switch to AOM 400 (Months 4 to 6 after initiating AOM 400). Discontinuations due to AEs in Phase A were analyzed (post-hoc), stratified by length of cross-titration period to ARI.

Results: Psychiatric hospitalization rates were significantly lower in patients switched to AOM 400 (prospective period Months 4 to 6: 2.7% [n=9/336]) versus the same patients previously treated with oral antipsychotics (retrospective period Months -4 to -1: 27.1%; P<0.0001). Discontinuations due to AEs during Phase A were lower in patients cross-titrated to ARI for >1 and <4 weeks (2.9% [7/239]) compared with patients cross-titrated for ≤1 week (10.4% [5/48]). C

onclusions: In a community setting, patients with schizophrenia demonstrated significantly lower psychiatric hospitalization rates after switching from oral antipsychotic therapy to AOM 400. Cross-titration to ARI for a period >1 and ≤ 4 weeks is preferred due to the low rates of discontinuations due to AEs during the conversion phase.


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