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March 02, 2019
Goal: To assess physicians’ practice patterns in diagnosis, management, and knowledge of emerging treatments for postpartum depression (PPD) Methods: •    A 27-question clinical practice assessment survey was made available online on March 27, 2018 without monetary compensation or charge, and…
March 02, 2019
Objective: In randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in women with postpartum depression (PPD), 60 hours of continuous brexanolone infusion (90mg/kg) was associated with significant reductions in Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D), which was sustained throughout the study period (30 days).
March 02, 2019
Background:  Women who are pregnant or are planning pregnancy often seek alternatives to standard antidepressants (ADs) for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD).  The objective was to obtain preliminary data for EnBrace HR, a prenatal supplement containing methylfolate, in 1) depressive…
December 30, 2016
Preliminary evidence has shown promise for the use of TMS in patients with postpartum depression.
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