Anxiety Disorders

The rate of benzodiazepine use among US adults has increased to 12.6%, according to a study published online in Psychiatric Services. Misuse now accounts for nearly 20% of overall use.


SAN FRANCISCO—When face-to-face interaction was not possible, cognitive behavioral therapy conducted via email proved an effective alternative for patients with generalized anxiety disorder.

People with chronic pain are also likely to screen positive for anxiety and should be evaluated for anxiety disorders, according to a new study in General Hospital Psychiatry.

Music, art and dance therapy may relieve anxiety and similar symptoms among people with cancer, according to a new analysis of past studies.

existential dread

Researchers already know that acetaminophen (Tylenol), primarily used to inhibit physical pain, can also reduce the emotional pain that results from social rejection. Results from a study published in the April Psychological Science suggest that acetaminophen may have another use.

Anxious child

Avoidance may be linked with childhood anxiety disorders, according to a study published in the online March 4 Behavior Therapy.