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Bipolar Disorders

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Chen et al review the early benefits and challenges of telepsychiatry and discuss the role of digital health during the pandemic and moving forward.
Researchers have developed a blood test composed of RNA biomarkers to discern a patient’s depression severity, the risk of future severe depression and bipolar disorder, and informs personalized medication choices for patients.
Astrocyte brain cells appear to be functionally less supportive of neuronal activity in people with bipolar disorder, according to a study involving human induced pluripotent stem cells.
In recognition of World Bipolar Day, held annually on March 30, Bipolar Disorders Section Editor Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, shares advice for mental health clinicians on steps to take before diagnosing a patient with bipolar disorder.
After receiving a diagnosis, many patients are brimming with questions. Help your patients find accurate and trustworthy information with this handout.
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