Bipolar Disorders

Valbenazine significantly reduced involuntary movements associated with tardive dyskinesia in patients with primary mood disorders, at both 6 weeks and 48 weeks after beginning the treatment, according to a published analysis.


Viruses may trigger the development of major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, according to a study published online in Frontiers in Microbiology.

Martha Sajatovic, MD

The world’s population of people aged 60 years and older has doubled since 1980, and, for the first time ever, the number of adults aged 65 years and older is expected to exceed the number of children under 5 by 2020.

Eating nitrated dry cured meat such as beef jerky or hot dogs is associated with mania, according to a multi-stage study published online in Molecular Psychiatry.

Pediatric antipsychotic use is associated with an increase in body fat and decreases in insulin sensitivity, potentially raising the risk of premature cardiometabolic morbidity and mortality, researchers say.

People who have disrupted sleep cycles or less variation in their activity levels around the clock may be more likely to have depression, bipolar disorders and other mental health issues, a UK study suggests.



To truly recover, the questions surrounding survival become more basic, more fundamental, and less focused on a particular disorder. They become more about life.

The foundational piece in each part of my journey today has been my relationship with my treatment team. When treating a client, it is important to remember that you may be the only close relationship they have or can trust.

Years after my time in the VA hospital, I had been asked to present back at the hospital in which I was once a patient. In the back row was an MD who seemed to be on the brink of tears. This was the doctor I thought was trying to kill me when I was a patient.



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In this video, Dr. Mark Zimmerman discusses reasons why the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is frequently missed.

In this brief clip of his keynote speech at 2013 Psych Congress, Eric Arauz describes living through the manic phase of bipolar disorder and why mental illness is a physical disease. 

Charles Raison, MD, comments on a recent Lancet study detailing how five major psychiatric disorders—autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia—are genetically connected.