Bipolar Disorders

Valbenazine significantly reduced involuntary movements associated with tardive dyskinesia in patients with primary mood disorders, at both 6 weeks and 48 weeks after beginning the treatment, according to a published analysis.


Researchers are taking steps toward diagnosing bipolar disorder using brain scans, according to Psychological Medicine.

SAN FRANCISCO—Patients taking lurasidone for bipolar I disorder had low rates of change in weight, BMI, lipid parameters, and measures of glycemic control, according to research posters presented at the American Psychiatric Association meeting.

Influenza during pregnancy

Contracting influenza during pregnancy may increase the risk of having a child with bipolar disorder, according to the online May 8 JAMA Psychiatry.

Psychiatric Disorders DNA

Five major psychiatric disorders—autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia—share underlying genetic variants, according to the results of a genome-wide analysis published in the online February 28 Lancet.