Bipolar Disorders

Valbenazine significantly reduced involuntary movements associated with tardive dyskinesia in patients with primary mood disorders, at both 6 weeks and 48 weeks after beginning the treatment, according to a published analysis.


Physical and behavioral characteristics, including body mass index (BMI), age, substance use and intelligence quotient (IQ), are among the factors that influence brain structure and function in individuals with psychosis, as they do in healthy people, researchers suggest.


A study of pharmacologic treatments found the mood stabilizer lithium the most effective at lowering the risk of rehospitalization in patients with bipolar disorder. 

FDA approved

The FDA has approved a supplemental New Drug Application for the treatment of major depressive episodes associated with bipolar disorder in patients aged 10 to 17 years.


AUSTIN, Texas—Mental health clinicians at Elevate got a powerful look at the impact of the work they do, in an emotional tale shared by singer-songwriter Nakia.

The brain in people with early-stage schizophrenia, but not bipolar disorder, ages more quickly than normal, new research suggests.



When I returned from the VA hospital and walked in the door of my home—the home I had now been hospitalized from twice—I was sure of two things: my family was afraid for me and my family was afraid OF me.

One of the more robust predictors of suicidal behavior is recent release from inpatient psychiatric treatment. What is it about this stage of the treatment paradigm that leads to attempts to self-kill?


"I need some guidance on how not to miss bipolar disorder in the kids and adolescents I see in my practice. What steps do you recommend I take in order to not miss it? Mind you, I also don’t want to over-diagnose this disorder!"



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