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BLOG: How much energy will it take to overcome the inertia that has befallen our daily lives? Will we reenact a simulacrum of how things were before, or will we find, deep within ourselves, the capacity for reimagination of what could be?
More than 33% of COVID-19 survivors receive a psychiatric or neurological diagnosis within 6 months of infection, according to a recent retrospective cohort study published online in The Lancet Psychiatry.
Revealing the underlying psychosis and new complications arising from COVID-19 are some of the biggest challenges for clinicians when treating catatonia and delirium, according to a recent virtual session at the ANPA’s 31st Annual Meeting.
Emotion dysregulation (ED) and repetitive negative thinking (RNT) both rose after the initiation of public health changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and remained elevated for months afterward, researchers reported.
Stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic may be a strong predictor of later symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in black Americans and people with mixed ancestry, according to a study presented in a poster at the Anxiety and Depression…

With fear over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading worldwide and cautionary measures changing our daily lives, it's understandable for everyone to feel some anxiety. In this short…

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