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Probiotics taken alone or in combination with prebiotics may help ease depression, according to a systematic review published online in the journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.
Adults aged 40 years and older who reported a history of repetitive head impact had more symptoms of depression and difficulties in cognitive functioning, compared with those without such a history, according to a study in Neurology.
Alcohol consumption, history of a mental disorder, and having 4 or more living children were among several risk factors for postmenopausal depression identified in a new study.
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the mental health of patients hospitalized with the virus, the healthcare workers treating them, people with preexisting psychiatric issues, and the general public.
A machine-learning model used pretreatment symptom scores and electroencephalographic measures to reliably predict patients with depression who responded to antidepressant treatment.
Psych Congress Steering Committee member Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH, speaks with general psychiatrist Abbey Strauss, MD, MSW, about the history, chemistry, and potential use of the neurotransmitter…
Two members of the Psych Congress Steering Committee have been featured on an ABC News podcast which grew out of a newsman's newfound interest in meditation.
Listen as Psych Congress Steering Committee member Charles Raison, MD, discusses a book he coauthored, The New Mind-Body Science of Depression, with David Van Nuys, PhD, on Shrink Rap Radio.
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